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Intellectual Property Law - Trademarks - Copyrights - Patents - Advertising and Promotions Law - Internet Law - Social Media - Employer and Employee Proprietary Rights - Music, Books and Entertainment Law - IP Related Business Transactions and Agreements
Our Clients

Our clients run the gamut from sole proprietors to multi-national companies:

  • Some are high-tech
  • Some are low-tech 
  • Some are a combo 
  • Some are traditional consumer product or service companies  
  • Some are e-commerce companies  
  • Some are over a 100 years old  
  • Some are new 
  • Some are old starting new ventures 
  • Some make products you can eat  
  • Some produce products you can wear  
  • Some create products you can play with
  • Some publish products you can watch and/or listen to
  • Some are for profit
  • Some are not for profit
  • Some are worth a lot
  • Some are not

All are important.

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