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Intellectual Property Law - Trademarks - Copyrights - Patents - Advertising and Promotions Law - Internet Law - Social Media - Employer and Employee Proprietary Rights - Music, Books and Entertainment Law - IP Related Business Transactions and Agreements
IP Clearance, Registration and Protection Strategies
IP and Business Transaction Agreements
IP Enforcement and Defense
Advertising and Promotions Law
Internet, Computer, Multimedia, Music and Entertainment Law
IP and Business Transaction Agreements
Intellectual property rights - they're most agreeable.

We assist clients in the negotiation and preparation of a wide variety of IP, products and service business agreements:

Licenses, assignments, security agreements, development agreements, consulting services agreements, sales representative agreements, distribution agreements, supply agreements, marketing agreements, public relations agreements, merchandize agreements, reseller agreements, software and multimedia licenses, confidentiality agreements, inventor's rights agreements, data and database agreements, application service provider agreements, software as a service agreements, sponsorship agreements, and the list goes on...

We do policies too:

Privacy policies, social media policies, and policies on policies.
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