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Intellectual Property Law - Trademarks - Copyrights - Patents - Advertising and Promotions Law - Internet Law - Social Media - Employer and Employee Proprietary Rights - Music, Books and Entertainment Law - IP Related Business Transactions and Agreements
IP Clearance, Registration and Protection Strategies
IP and Business Transaction Agreements
IP Enforcement and Defense
Advertising and Promotions Law
Internet, Computer, Multimedia, Music and Entertainment Law
Looking for a pragmatic team player in the creation, registration, protection, transfer or grant of intellectual property rights?

Perhaps you need assistance in the negotation of a business transaction or drafting of an agreement.

Maybe someone's just not playing nice and it's time to put up a fight.

Want to throw a cool promotion or hold a contest without committing a crime?

Need to tell others how to use your web site, software or an app?

Want to be creative, save money and avoid trouble?

We can help.  We're here to help.  It's what we do - every day.

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